6 Tools to Detect the CMS in the Website

  • By: Jeorge Dale
  • May 26, 2016

As web surfers, we are very curious to know which website uses which CMS or technology. Whether your site is using HTML, ASP, PHP, etc. That obviously brings in the CMS’s like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and several under the contention.

One of the common techniques is to utilize the Developer Tools section of your browser and look at the source code of the site. All CMS’s or forums or other frameworks keep up a systemic methodolgy which doesn’t vary much from version-to- version.

Some common examples included Meta Generator tag in Joomla and WordPress, Footer copyrights, custom scripts like the vbscript and specific CSS classes like vb divname as seen on a vBulletin forum.

Here are some of the Website Detector tools, that helps to identify the technology used:



If you are not utilizing a prominent browser like the likes of a Chrome or Firefox which hopefully don’t offer expansions/modules then you ought to settle with this clever minimal online apparatus named Builtwith. Well, don’t consider the word little excessively important in light of the fact that Builtwith offers more than we might suspect it does. In fact, it is the number one website sniffer or detector tool considering it’s quickness and detailed analysis. Builtwith additionally has a chrome expansion for better utilization. You can discover it on their site. Builtwith’s report is isolated into a ton of areas – Server Information, CMS, Framework, Advertising, Analytics to give some examples.

CMS Detector


Online webtool’s CMS detector (as the name suggests) does only the job of detecting the CMS of a site. The disappointing disillusioning a portion of this device is that it just shows the name of the CMS of the site you search for instead of providing extra details like the fabricate, version of the same. But sometimes you do need such specific tools for faster completion of your errand.



Wappalyzer is most likely the faster of the aforementioned tools because it’s an extra and not an online device. So we anticipated that it would indicate results as soon as the site loaded and mind you it didn’t baffle.

An extension for chrome is accessible in the Chrome web store and a plug-in is also accessible for Firefox in it’s repository. The good thing about Wappalyzer is that it has a bookmark-let which can be delayed to any program and utilized productively.

Chrome Sniffer


Chrome Sniffer is a very popular tool among the above 3 and that’s the reason we chose to put it toward the end. It shows the CMS, advertising scripts, javascript or jQuery scripts & analytical codes much like the Builtwith tool. The distinction is that it demonstrates every one of them as pictures rather than plain messages.



Monitis gives an in with no reservations one checking stage to track sites, servers and applications, whenever from anyplace. It quantifies uptime, page burden, exchanges and stress testing. Since it’s cloud based, you won’t need to introduce any software and could be up and running within minutes. With one bound together dashboard you have admittance to the greater part of the imperative measurements: system execution, server
health, and other adaptable information.



WebTechDetector is the most prominent and standard site profiler. Everyone wants to know about website’s specification and with the help of theme detector, you can discover CMS, Framework, Analytical codes, what advertising running on a site, Widgets and other feature that your site

Although, WebTechDetector is somehow similar to these tools, but it comprises with an extra specification that makes it different from other tools. You can even find out the similar themes with the help of this tool.

With the help of these tools you can easily find out what CMS, Platform or Framework a website is using. I hope now you won’t face any difficulty while detecting the CMS or scripting of the website. However, now you can also go through the similar themes with the WebTechDetector this unique functionality make it different from others.

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